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Thread: determining if already spayed

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    determining if already spayed

    I hope this doesn't make me sound too ignorant.

    In the past when I have had adult dogs spayed it took several months for their nipples to shrink to the point they are practically nonexistent.

    Three months ago I adopted a dog from the pound. No known history. I thought I could detect a tiny scar but not for sure. The vet couldn't say for sure if she was spayed. Her nipples are very tiny like my spayed dogs'.

    So my question: Do the nipples of spayed dogs always look different from unspayed dogs? Seems like they would from hormonal changes.

    Of course I will get her spayed pronto if she comes into heat but I hate to put her through surgery if she has already been spayed.


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    Re: determining if already spayed

    In my very limited experience, yes, they do have different nipple sizes, but it won't tell you much. Dogs spayed before their first heat will have very small, almost insignificant nipples. Dogs spayed after their first heat will have larger nipples, but over time they will shrink down. Dogs that are not spayed will have SLIGHTLY larger nipples, but only the dogs that have nursed puppies will have truly enlarged nipples, and again, these will shrink after a spay.

    You can also look at the size of the vulva, but again, its not an exact science.

    So... honestly, nipples won't help you much. Your best bet is to either wait for a heat cycle, get an ultrasound exam, or to know 100%, have her go through a spay surgery. Just because there is a scar does not mean they have been spayed, they could have had a c-section or bladder stone removal or any other surgery. Also, my dogs belly button scar is more obvious than her spay surgery scar. If I hadn't adopted her a week after her spay, I would have mis-identified the spay scar (and as a vet student I should know better!)

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    Re: determining if already spayed

    Check with the shelter you got her from, a lot of shelters spay and neuter the pets that come through as procedure. All the one's I know do. They should be able to tell you if she is (that is if they did it) but if they say they didnt need to because she had the scar i would wait for a heat cycle, or even going in for an ultra sound or even just doing the surgery as misskiwi said, your dog will forget all about the surgery shortly after recovery. they live in the now... they are very forgiving, sometimes too forgiving... but check with the shelter to see if they did it or if they discarded because of scar... that's a good place to start
    Thank you,
    Kendall and Raven

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    Re: determining if already spayed

    If she was previously bred, the nipple size could change for life. Or if she was spayed while in heat..
    Usually they can do a ultra sound to see if the female has been spayed.

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