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Thread: Anal Glands?

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    Senior Member aznVampire's Avatar
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    Anal Glands?

    Yesterday, I smelled a rotten fish smell from Pocky. I figured it was her anal glands needing to be expressed so I was going to do it today, but I haven't smelled anything. Also, she pooped a lot today (on the couch unfortunately) so I'm wondering if I should still express her anal glands?

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    Re: Anal Glands?

    Anal glands don't smell unless they can't smell em if they are full, etc..only when it comes out, and even a tiny bit is a horrid lot of smell. If your Pocky is the pup in your picture, I would leave them alone...Puppies VERY rarely need them expressed, and unless there is an issue later on (lots of scooting, constant licking, etc) I would leave them alone. Most dogs take care of it on their own when they poo..but once you start expressing them, it seems to be a regular need and problems can arise. If its not broke, don't fix it type attitude..and you will know if they are broke..:-)

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