Wait to bathe after spay?
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Thread: Wait to bathe after spay?

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    Wait to bathe after spay?

    Hi All -

    Does anyone know how long I should wait to bathe my 1 year-old beagle? She was spayed yesterday and she smells very strongly like the vet's. Not a pleasant smell, but I don't want to disturb anything.


    - Nicole

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    Brandi hand been spayed less than a week when I brought her home. I would wait until the incision is completely healed and the stitches are out. If the dog has a distinct odor that you want to get rid of, there are wipes available at pet stores that you can just wipe down the fur and give the dog a fresh clean sent. When she is completely healed and there is no chance of infection then bath her.
    Brandi Kadin and Mom

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    What Brandismom said. She shouldn't be bathed (or allowed to swim) until the sutures are removed. Usually that's about 10-14 days.

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    SOme vets use dissolvable sutures that go away on thier own. Wait 10-14 days before bathing.
    Unaltered dogs are at greater health risks, including some cancers. Please spay or neuter your pet!!

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