Rice Bran Oil
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Thread: Rice Bran Oil

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    Rice Bran Oil

    After reading the thread about if raw eggs are good for a dogs coat, while others suggested different oils it got me thinking.

    Since I make my own soaps as well as other bath and body products I have pounds and pounds and pounds of different oils around. I use RBO in my soaps and lotions. (did i mention pounds... LOL I think i must have about 200+ pounds currently total of different oils) And when I first started to buy my Rice Bran Oil, I bought it at TSC (tractor supply Co) and it's sold as a supplement for horses for their coats. Now I just buy it in bulk 35 pounds at a time. (cheaper that way)

    So that got me thinking....... so I googled it to see and found that it indeed is good for dogs as well.

    This is one link i found,

    Rice bran oil is easily digested by dogs and supplies sustained
    energy, so is especially valuable for active dogs.

    Rice bran is a great source of tocopherols
    (including Vitamin E) and tocotrienols. Both of
    these are very effective anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants
    are important to protect the dog’s cells from free
    radicals that can damage cell walls and interfere
    with cellular function by damaging genetic material,
    proteins and carbohydrates. Free radicals can also
    cause problems such as inflammation,
    reproductive disorders and cancerous
    development. Vitamin E also plays an important
    role in helping to maintain cellular structure, red
    blood cell stability and capillary blood vessel
    integrity. Vitamin E is very important in helping to
    prevent muscle damage and inflammation and also
    plays a role in boosting immune function.

    Does anyone else use RBO as a supplement?

    How much do you give?

    I know my dogs are just puppies, but when do you begin adding these types of supplements? And how do you know how much to give, or if it's even necessary?

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    Re: Rice Bran Oil

    Hmm...very interesting. I don't use any oils, IMHO I don't think they are necessary if you can supplement with real food. For essential oils and fatty acids, I give a can of Mackrel or Sardines 1-2 times a week and tripe. T
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