Orijen puppy to Timberwolf? WDJ 2013
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Thread: Orijen puppy to Timberwolf? WDJ 2013

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    Orijen puppy to Timberwolf? WDJ 2013

    Hello everyone!
    I have two miniature schnauzers 7 months and 13 months. I feed them Orijen puppy. With my previous experience with other dogs, They all had soft stools with Orijen. ( overfed? ) I weight every bowl of their food with digital scale everyday. Once a while My schnauzers get soft stools. Currently I feed them orijen puppy + cut of meat beef. ( My breeder and show handler told me ) 50% kibble, 50% cut of beef meat threads. Now they do get normal stools. Maybe it is the treats, chewy bones, jerkies, etc. Caused the soft stool issue? Anyway, since my 13 months boy is a bit chubby and I thought it is time to purchase adult kibble. He poops so many times a day when he is outdoor until ice creamy. I assume I overfed him with chewy bones and treats. My 7 months bitch used to eat her poop and the shape of it wasn't that great either. I am trying to get her much nutrition as possible since she is a bit small for her age.

    Anyway, I talked to a very huge pet shop owner who has almost all the pet food available. She highly recommend Timberwolf! Spring Naturals and Earthborn Holistic are her other choices. She said orijen is very good but a bit too " oily ". Also there's a price bump with less kibbles. Is Timberwolf really that great? I start to wonder if they make more profit by selling Timberwolf. Since it is very very expensive.

    p.s My dogs will go to the show and I will try my best to make them Champions. My bitch is actually a bit skinny but she eats quite a lot!

    Sorry for the long list. This is what I can get here locally. List are selected from WDJ 2013.

    Thank you!!

    Blue Buffalo Company
    Back to Basics
    Blue Wilderness
    Organix, Organic
    Natural Ultramix
    Caine Caviar
    Chicken Soup
    Professional Pet Food
    Taste of the Wild
    FirstMate Pet food
    Natural Balance Organic
    Nutro Ultra Holistic
    Instinct Grain-Free
    Spring Naturals
    Summit Holistics
    Vets Choice Health Extension
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    Re: Orijen puppy to Timberwolf? WDJ 2013

    If they're already eating Origen I might try them with Arcana, both are made by the same company (easier transition) but Arcana is lower in protein and can be a better alternative if Origen gives soft poops.

    Sorry I don't know much about the rest of the list.

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    Re: Orijen puppy to Timberwolf? WDJ 2013

    My dogs are on Canidae Chicken Meal & Rice dry food. They are various breeds, ages and sizes, but all do well on it. I tried Blue Wilderness puppy for my pup, but it was too rich and caused his stool to be a bit too moist (and he was gassy!). Blue isn't a bad choice though, it just depends on what formula you use and what your dog can handle. Canidae is fairly cheap for a high quality dog food (for the 30lb bag).

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